Twitter: Learning to write short

by WhATA, 14.05.2009

For some time we’ve been secretly testing world’s new mania Twitter. For those who haven’t heard, this is a site where you write what you are doing (or thinking) at the moment — under the only condition to squeeze your stream of consciousness within 140 symbols. Something like your status in Facebook, but simplier.

Why writing at two places?

We are twitting about more personal things than in the blog. We share links, announce posts currently under development… We are even more politically biased.

How will Twitter affect the blog?

Almost none. Only the regular feature “From the last 10 days” (about the things that have impressed us recently) will be more of summing up the flood of thoughts we are pouring on Twitter.

Twitter is a good writing practice

It turned out that short writing is far from easy. Sometimes a thought has to be remodelled several times to fit within those 140 symbols. Writing within constraints is creative. And often, in the end, you produce a neat short sentence which is totally meaningless.

We will be twitting from time to time and more irregularly than not. The same as with our blogging. We will try to write at least once a day, sometimes more.

If you feel like reading, the address is: twitter.com/whatassociation.

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