Stone facades

by Aneta Vasileva, 25.02.2009

We like natural materials a lot. We like them even more when they are used in untraditional ways and surprise us. In general we like the architecture to surprise us.

Now we’ll take a look at some stones. Below follow two recently published buildings which (traditionally) have stone facades, but the stones make unusual impression.

Ningbo Historic Museum, China

Architects: Amateur Architectural Studio

The masonry is made of different types and colours of stones. The facade is more like an abstract composition. All volumes, however, are pristinely simple.

There are even tiles from time to time, just to add some colour.

Another facade of the same building. Here the stone composition is enriched by accidentally spread openings. (Photos: Iwan Baan)

Public library in Villanueva, Colombia

Architects: Meza + Piñol + Ramirez + Torres

The building is a typical example of eco-construction in a poor region where ecological means indeed natural and economical rather than trendy and prestigious. The library consists of two volumes —a wooden one (made of timber with controlled origin) and a stone one — with gabions (metal cages filled with stones from the nearby river).

The stone volume. Gabions are locally made.

In the construction of the library were involved many locals. Therefore both the construction and the details are simple and low tech, but very successful (Photos: Nicolas Cabrera, Alejandro Piñol)


  1. stuart ( 1 юли)

    have found a site that sells the stone selectmaterialscom.m… what about the baskets, who is the best company?

  2. Alexander Acosta Osorio (25 ноември)

    It is Colombia, not Columbia.

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